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Carnage with new Buggy! 11/25/2006
Jay and I decided to take the new buggy out for it's first test. All I can say is amazing! The new buggy didn't even have to open it's eyes at carnage today....walked everything I could throw at it. Didn't have any CO2 to run the lockers (my bad) but didn't need them. This thing walked the cente... more
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Carnage - Boulder 8/26/2006
Pictures and lots of video coming later today!
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Billings Canyon 5/1/2006
After everyone in our group broke except me I knew it was my turn next. We'll I gave it a shot this year and ended up breaking something in my front diff and on the way back down the trail I ended up shearing off my steering box shaft clean off. It took a while getting my beast back off the trail ... more
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Carnage - Boulder 4/4/2006
Testing run for my new suspension. Jason and I took a day off to go play in the 75 degree weather! Beautiful weather for wheeling. I quickly found out that my springs need to be retained with my new flex in the front. I lost the spring several times throughout the day.
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Crown Point 3/17/2006
Very nice day to play in the snow. We did not get very far this year. We started out on Seven Mile then decided to turn around and play on Crown Point. This year was the worst I've seen it. First big drift had to of been over 5-6 feet high. I was the first to get stuck by sliding off the road in... more
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3-Link Completed Finally! 3/15/2006
What a project! I finally got around to seeing how it does on the RTI ramp. I couldn't believe when I saw my front unload before my rear. This is exactly what I was dreaming of. I'm very excited! For the complete build up pics please visit the Mods section here.
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RTI Ramp 1/3/2006
Not exactly a trail run sorry! Jason and I went down to Fort Collins 4x4 to take some measurements for my new 3 link.
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Moody/Crystal 11/26/2005
Met up with the guys from YotaTech in their nice 4Runners. We all had a great time. Started to snow like crazy just when we were leaving.
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Seven Mile/Moody 9/15/2005
Zach, Jason, Josh and I all took off to have some fun. We ended up at Seven Mile then to Moody. Everyone had a great time.
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Labor Day Weekend 2005 9/3/2005
We met up 8am in Fort Collins with a total of 3 rigs and headed to Carnage Boulder. Nice thing about hiting this trail in the morning is you beat the crowd. Actually we didn't see anyone at carnage that day which was a welcome surprise. We all had fun playing and had no carnage except for when I ... more
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Holy Cross 7/16/2005
Another beautiful day at Holy Cross. Temps in the 70's, green grass everywhere, birds, flowers, water and of course a great trail! We had 3 other cruisers run with me this year. All had a great time. I did get the cruiser to the top with the help of the winch on Cleveland Rock. It seems I may n... more
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Muddy Creek WY 6/11/2005
I got a call from the COTTORA club that Steve (a club member) got his 2000 4Runner stuck in the mud up in the Snowy River wilderness area near Laramie, WY. Sean, Mike and I went up and recovered the vehicle in the middle of the night. It was fun and very muddy! Unfortunately Sean Murray (Green Ta... more
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Metal Masher 5/1/2005
First time up Metal Masher. Other than a handful of good obstacles this trail was BORING in my opinion. Widow Maker looked nasty from a distance but we decided to pass by it cause it was wet and would probably get hung up scraping our bumpers trying to get up on the first wall. If you have a good... more
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Hells Revenge 5/1/2005
We ran Hells Revenge backwards cause I wanted to see if I could get up Escalator. We ended up recovering a Jeep from Mickies Hot Tub.
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Pritchet Canyon 4/30/2005
Pritchett was just as nasty as always. We had a great trip with only 1 T-case break in our group. Finished the trail in about 4.5 hours which isn't too bad.
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Behind the Rocks 4/30/2005
After Pritchet we decided to run a portion of Behind the Rocks. Zach snapped his rear U bolts and driveshaft on one of the bump obstacles.
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21 Road 4/28/2005
21 Road looked like an entirely new trail this year. I didn't recognize hardly anything resembling last years obstacles. Lots of new ones that made this years trip even more fun! We arrived in Grand Junction around 2pm and ran 1/4 of the trail under perfect conditions. That night it rained almos... more
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COHVCO Event 4/9/2005
I was invited to drive in the rock crawl demo at the 2005 Colorado Off Highway Expo. Had a blast on the obstacles and really enjoyed meeting everyone. They had some really cool rigs!
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Gillespie/Castle Gulch 3/5/2005
Headed up to Gillespie Gulch to see if we could make it to the top. Still about 16" snow up there past the mines. We decided to turn around and run castle gulch instead. Had some fun at this little cave. Mark and this other guy put on harnesses and we lowered them about 50 feet to the bottom. C... more
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Carnage Canyon 3/2/2005
Zach finished his solid axle conversion on his 86 Toy and we decided to test out everything at Carnage Canyon Boulder. We had a blast. In fact Zach's Toy did every obstacle my cruiser could do and more!! We both showed off on most of the obstacles including conquering the "Waterfall".
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Carnage Canyon 1/21/2005
Zach and I had some serious fun up there today. Did the guardian rocks finally and another obstacle just past the slab. I finally broke a birfield doing it too!! Chromoly Birfields are on order this week. I sure need em with these 40's :)
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Flowers/Crown Point 1/15/2005
Not much snow at Flowers but crown point had plenty.
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Carnage New Years Eve 12/31/2004
We had around 10 trucks up at carnage today. Also met up with the old COTTORA gang. Today I saw tons of carnage and a lot of breaks. Helped a kid recover his rolled XJ. I'm just glad I didn't get any carnage today!
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Moody/Crystal Mtn 12/23/2004
Zach and Mark Miner joined me on a fun snow run up Moody and Crystl Mtn today. Everyone had a great time. We hit some serious ice at the entrance of Moody so we had to put the chains on. There was around 6-12" of snow in some spots of the trail.
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Carnage Canyon 12/17/2004
Had a blast up at Carnage. Zach and I played on all the major obstacles and met up with a nicely built Tacoma on 40's!
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Kelly Flats/Bald Mtn 11/2/2004

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Carnage Night Run 11/1/2004

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Steel Bender 10/27/2004

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Hells Revenge 10/26/2004

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Moab Rim 10/26/2004

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Fins N' Things 10/25/2004
Moab, UT
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Billings Canyon 9/11/2004
Grand Junction, CO
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21 Road 9/10/2004
Grand Junction, CO
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Carnage Canyon 7/1/2004
Boulder, CO
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Red Cone 6/1/2004

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Moab Rim 5/1/2004
Moab, UT
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Holy Cross 5/1/2004

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Pritchet Canyon 5/1/2004

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Gold Bar Rim 5/1/2004

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Golden Spike 5/1/2004

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Poison Spider 5/1/2004

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Gillespie Gulch 5/1/2004

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Seven Mile/Bald Mtn 11/2/2003

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Kelly Flats - Maiden Voyage 10/2/2003
First trip with the cruiser! Wow look at those 32" mud tires :) This is my stock FJ80 just after I got it. Brendan truck made mine look like nothing. He has some monster 34.5" Simex muds on.
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