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Trail Runs - RTI Ramp
Tuesday, January 3, 2006
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Not exactly a trail run sorry! Jason and I went down to Fort Collins 4x4 to take some measurements for my new 3 link.

RTI Ramp - Action's Rig on the RTI Ramp

I wanted to see how much flex I would get if I pulled the front pin out of my control arms. As you can see I got plenty of front flex and of course my rear end flexes like mad anyways. I believe I could have gone a bit more up before lifting a tire but I was happy to get this far :) Without removing the pin I would never have gone this far. The front spring was completely unloaded and was about 4 inches from the top. The only thing holding it in place was the upper shock bushing thingy :)

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Jason on the RTI Ramp Jason on the RTI Ramp Jason rear first Great Front Flex Action's Rig on the RTI Ramp Front right tire completely stuffed Nice Flex Fully compressed right side Front Control Arms Front Arm Movement shock measurement


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