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Trail Runs - Muddy Creek WY
Saturday, June 11, 2005
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I got a call from the COTTORA club that Steve (a club member) got his 2000 4Runner stuck in the mud up in the Snowy River wilderness area near Laramie, WY. Sean, Mike and I went up and recovered the vehicle in the middle of the night. It was fun and very muddy! Unfortunately Sean Murray (Green Tacoma) lost a CV, messed up his lower A-arms and skid plate trying to getting off the trail. Finally around 7AM we were heading home!

Muddy Creek WY - Muddy 80

Wow that's one muddy rig. I couldn't belive how much mud was on this trail. Maybe that is why it's called Muddy creek! Photo courtesy of Sean Murray.

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Rescue Team Mud Bath Stuck 4Runner Muddy 80


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