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Trail Runs - Pritchet Canyon
Saturday, April 30, 2005
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Pritchett was just as nasty as always. We had a great trip with only 1 T-case break in our group. Finished the trail in about 4.5 hours which isn't too bad.

Pritchet Canyon - Rock Pile with no rocks

Rock Pile had no rocks as they moved them all to the bypass.

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Rock Pile with no rocks

Pritchet Canyon - Rock Pile
Rock Pile
Size: 3MB
Notice someone moved all the rocks to the bypass making this obstacle even harder in my opinion. Unfortunately for this Jeep it meant a busted output shaft on his TCase. Later that day his TCase literally split in 2 pieces with the only thing holding it in place was a tie strap!

Pritchet Canyon - Rock Pile Bypass with all the rocks
Rock Pile Bypass with all the rocks
Size: 2.7MB
That's where all the rocks went! The bypass is now easier than ever.

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