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Trail Runs - Carnage New Years Eve
Friday, December 31, 2004
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We had around 10 trucks up at carnage today. Also met up with the old COTTORA gang. Today I saw tons of carnage and a lot of breaks. Helped a kid recover his rolled XJ. I'm just glad I didn't get any carnage today!

Carnage New Years Eve - Flexin

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Flexin Conquering the Waterfall Anthony on Firmans Hill Rollover Recovery

Carnage New Years Eve - Carnage Canyon New Years Eve Carnage Canyon New Years Eve
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1:13 minutes

Carnage New Years Eve - Rollover at Left Hand Canyon Rollover at Left Hand Canyon
Size: 6.7MB
This rollover was on the switchbacks of left hand canyon. I think the guy just got too much wall and tipped it over coming down. All passengers were fine. We had to wait nearly 2 hours before it was "authorized" to move the vehicle since someone called the sheriff. 1:45 minutes

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