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Trail Runs - Carnage Canyon
Wednesday, March 2, 2005
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Zach finished his solid axle conversion on his 86 Toy and we decided to test out everything at Carnage Canyon Boulder. We had a blast. In fact Zach's Toy did every obstacle my cruiser could do and more!! We both showed off on most of the obstacles including conquering the "Waterfall".

Carnage Canyon - Showing off that solid axle under Zach's 86 Toy

Zach did a great job on his solid axle conversion which included 4.88 gears, new locker and a lot of labor. His Toy performed flawlessly today except for the front driveshaft needs to be extended about 1.5 more inches :)

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Showing off that solid axle under Zach's 86 Toy Thats by boy Deserted Shawn conquering the Waterfall

Carnage Canyon - Zach and Shawn
Zach and Shawn
Size: 8.6MB
Zach and Shawn playing around on one of the first obstacles at Carnage Canyon.

Carnage Canyon - Left Hand Canyon
Left Hand Canyon
Size: 6.7MB
One of the only fun obstacles at Left Hand Canyon Boulder. Everything else is a walk in the park

Carnage Canyon - Zach at the Waterfall
Zach at the Waterfall
Size: 5.42MB
Zach's axle swap really paid off today. Even with 33's he got right up this one.

Carnage Canyon - Shawn at the Waterfall
Shawn at the Waterfall
Size: 8.5MB
First time ever that I have been able to do the waterfall. I thought I got some body damage but there wasn't a scratch!!

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