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Trail Runs - 21 Road
Thursday, April 28, 2005
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21 Road looked like an entirely new trail this year. I didn't recognize hardly anything resembling last years obstacles. Lots of new ones that made this years trip even more fun! We arrived in Grand Junction around 2pm and ran 1/4 of the trail under perfect conditions. That night it rained almost all night and we even had some snow which made the 2nd day lots of fun.

21 Road - Big Rocks

Watch out for these 2 monster rocks that you have to pass through on 21 Road near the beginning. I crushed my rear door good on this one. The armor plates handled the rest of the rock just fine. I was so glad to have these done in time.

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Big Rocks

21 Road - 21 Road - Door Crusher
21 Road - Door Crusher
Size: 10.2MB
This litle obstacle is tight getting around. I took a good size door dent on this one but the armor plates took the rest.

21 Road - 21 Road - Jason crawlin
21 Road - Jason crawlin
Size: 8.6MB
Jason flexin his stuff near the beginning of 21 Road. Body damage is almost a given if you have a larger wheel base vehicle. Tight tuns and off camber spots make it a whole lot of fun!

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