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Trail Runs - Carnage - Boulder
Saturday, August 26, 2006
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Pictures and lots of video coming later today!

Carnage - Boulder - Tight sqeeze

I haven't been able to to this obstacle without doing major rain gutter damage to my cruiser. Now that I have my exo bars it was no problem. The tree on the drivers side just slid right accross my top bar! Did I mention I just love my exo bars!

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Brian's rig is sweet Going around the tree Shawn trying the big line Tight sqeeze

Carnage - Boulder - Shawn flexin
Shawn flexin
Size: 9MB
Duration: 2:27 min
Great obstacle to test out your cage and new 3 link! I'm glad I got through those 2 trees. It's been years since I have been through this obstacle. Now that I have my exo I'm having more fun!

Carnage - Boulder - Movie
Size: 14MB
Duration: 3:45 min
A collection of our day compiled with music. Enjoy!

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