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Trail Runs - Gillespie Gulch
Saturday, May 1, 2004
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Gillespie Gulch - Lunch break at the Mines

We stopped for a lunch break and enjoyed the scenery. The remains of an old mine shaft was found here.

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Lunch break at the Mines

Gillespie Gulch - Gillespie Gulch 2004 Movie Gillespie Gulch 2004 Movie
Size: 11.3MB
Mix a little Boston to the action and you got yourself a little movie! Contains quick snap shots of most of the day wheeling. Check out the other videos for more detail video. Around 4 min.

Gillespie Gulch - Nugget Hill Obstacle Nugget Hill Obstacle
Size: 18.2MB
Shawn going down the Nugget Hill obstacle then back up the same obstacle. The cool thing about this obstacle is the ledge. If you are not careful you will easily roll down about 500 hundred feet of mountain side. Makes Moab Rim feel like nothing :). Around 7 minutes.

Gillespie Gulch - Shawn Flexin Shawn Flexin
Size: 3.9MB
1.5 minutes.

Gillespie Gulch - Gillespie Gulch 2 Gillespie Gulch 2
Size: 3.6MB
Brendan Lally flexin his stuff. 1 minute.

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