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Trail Runs - Billings Canyon
Monday, May 1, 2006
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After everyone in our group broke except me I knew it was my turn next. We'll I gave it a shot this year and ended up breaking something in my front diff and on the way back down the trail I ended up shearing off my steering box shaft clean off. It took a while getting my beast back off the trail from there but after 3 hours it was parked at the entrance of Billings. Thanks to Uncle Ben, Chipper and Iggy who corrdinated delivery of a new box.

Billings Canyon - 3 link workin

Billings is one of the best trails to workout your suspension.

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Gettin Tippy Gettin Some Flex 3 link workin Flexy 80 Dale breaking his pitman arm on the first obstacle Getting Dale back to his trailer Dan coming up the last ledge Austin Cheese Fight New Exo Sector Shaft Breakage Close Up Sector Shaft Shane's truck

Billings Canyon - First Obstacle
First Obstacle
Size: 7MB
This is the first real obstacle to Billings Canyon.

Billings Canyon - Chris in the Rock Garden
Chris in the Rock Garden
Size: 6.8MB
This one is tough but all of us got through it after a few different lines.

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