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Trail Runs - Hells Revenge
Sunday, May 1, 2005
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We ran Hells Revenge backwards cause I wanted to see if I could get up Escalator. We ended up recovering a Jeep from Mickies Hot Tub.

Hells Revenge - Rollover in Mickies Hot Tub

We all helped out to get this Jeep back on all fours. Luckily they had their belts on and were ok.

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Rollover in Mickies Hot Tub Steering Sheered

Hells Revenge - Hot Tub Recovery
Hot Tub Recovery
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We were called upon to help in the recovery of a flipped jeep in Mickies Hot Tub. Everyone seemed to have an opinion about the best way to get it turned around. We all decided the best way was just to pull it from the front the way it flipped. Luckily there were no injuries to report and this guy was off the trail before sunset.

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