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BV Carnage 6/21/2008
I have always wanted to run this trail but just never got the chance. This trail is definately an extreme 4x4 trail. It is located roughly 2.5 hrs southwest of Denver in the scenic Buena Vista area.

We had Captain Crunch join us for the fun along with Chris, Daren, Dale and Anthony. Chris s... more
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Patriot Trail 6/20/2008
Today we ran Pariot Trail which is part of the Independance Trail System in Penrose, CO. It was a very short trail but full of some great obstacles. We headed out with Chris, Daren and Dale. This is literally less than a 1 mile trail. The guys let me race through it and I did it in around 6 minu... more
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Canage Canyon with Russell 5/21/2008
Russell had a blast in the buggy for his first time rock crawling. I made him do all the hardest lines at Carnage Canyon. Jason and Tyson walked in front of us and had a great time collecting al sorts of goodies along the trail.
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Farmington NM - Gladiator, Intimidator, Waterfall Trail 4/28/2008
We had a blast at Farmington! It was beautiful weather 70's the entire time. There are over 70 named trails near the Brown Springs BLM area. Each year I only get a chance to do a handful. This round we did the Waterfall Trail, Gladiator, Intimidator and probably a few more that I forget :) Unli... more
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Patzcuaro's Revenge - NM 2/19/2008
PATZCUARO’S REVENGE is a favorite and the trail of the finals for the 1998 BFG Rock Crawling Championship. The trail begins next to Rocotillo Rapids and winds up in a neighboring arroyo at the loop road around the canyons. Although most participants fear (and break on) the first two waterfalls, t... more
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Habanero Falls - NM 2/19/2008
HABANERO FALLS enjoys spectacular views of the Mesilla Valley and visibility can range over 50 miles on a clear day! If you happen to finish a bit early (before 3 pm) on this trail, you may be able to walk down into some of the other extreme trails and watch the participants. After a rather hard ... more
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Tabasco Twister - NM 2/18/2008
TABASCO TWISTER is located in the Chile Canyons area just North of Picacho Peak. This trail begins at the south edge of the Chile Canyons and heads northwest up and around the canyons. Scenery includes a great view of the Mesilla Valley and various surrounding mountain ranges. After a 30 minute d... more
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WarPath - NM 2/18/2008
This is one of the most extreme rock crawling trails out there. Definately a favorite! Located in southern New Mexico this trail features one huge waterfall at the beginning and then some great crawling action with huge boulders and ledges. Our whole group made it through in a few hours with no r... more
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Farmington - NM 8/7/2007
First hard core trip in the new buggy. I met up with Captain Crunch and George and had a great time. Farmington is like no other place I've experienced before. Absolutely love it!! While I was down in Farmington they had the Toyota TTORA Takeover event. I ran a trail with some old buddies and e... more
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2007 XRRA Race - Co. Springs 6/16/2007
XRRA Rock Race in Colorado Springs RAM Offroad park just east of town. The most action of the day was on the double jumps and the finish line.
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2007 XRRA Season Opener - Moab 4/9/2007
I headed down to Moab for the first XRRA race of 2007. It was great to pre-run the course before and after the race. Enjoy the pics and video.
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Carnage with new Buggy! 11/25/2006
Jay and I decided to take the new buggy out for it's first test. All I can say is amazing! The new buggy didn't even have to open it's eyes at carnage today....walked everything I could throw at it. Didn't have any CO2 to run the lockers (my bad) but didn't need them. This thing walked the center li... more
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