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Trail Runs - Tabasco Twister - NM
Monday, February 18, 2008
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TABASCO TWISTER is located in the Chile Canyons area just North of Picacho Peak. This trail begins at the south edge of the Chile Canyons and heads northwest up and around the canyons. Scenery includes a great view of the Mesilla Valley and various surrounding mountain ranges. After a 30 minute drive to the actual “entrance”, you will notice the boulders getting larger and larger. First, there will be boulder “mine fields” followed by the “Tank Trap.” Next will come waterfalls, which also get larger and larger. Although two of the most difficult waterfalls have winch points, they will still get your attention by their size and angle. Many hours will be spent watching or repairing vehicles along the way. Plan for a long day. Some vehicles have spent well over ten hours on this trail! - LC4WDC

Tabasco Twister - NM - Captain Crunch getting crazy

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Greg climbing one of the waterfalls Captain Crunch getting crazy

Tabasco Twister Extreme Rock Crawling
Size: 3 min
Watch Captain Crunch attempt the optional line on the first waterfall obstacle with his LS1 powered single seat rock buggy.

Tabasco Twister Extreme Rock Crawling
Size: 3 min
Watch the Authority Action Crew on the first waterfall obstacle of Tabasco Twister in New Mexico. This is one of the extreme trails of the Chile Challenge Event.

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