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Trail Runs - Patriot Trail
Friday, June 20, 2008
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Today we ran Pariot Trail which is part of the Independance Trail System in Penrose, CO. It was a very short trail but full of some great obstacles. We headed out with Chris, Daren and Dale. This is literally less than a 1 mile trail. The guys let me race through it and I did it in around 6 minutes. Fun fun!! The exit looked pretty intimidating at first but with a buggy it was piece of cake.

Patriot Trail - A Hole Obstacle

This obstacle can get you sideways real quick!

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A Hole Obstacle Chris going big in the A Hole Obstacle One of the drops near the Entrance Dale gettin sideways in the A Hole Obstacle A Hole Obstacle

Patriot Independence Extreme Rock Crawling Trail - Part 1
Size: 5 min
Part 1 shows the entrance to the trail followed by 3 big drop off ledges.

Patriot Independence Extreme Rock Crawling Trail - Part 2
Size: 9 min
Second part features the climb to the top. A Hole, Coffin Rock are just some of the huge obstacles you will meet.

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