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Trail Runs - WarPath - NM
Monday, February 18, 2008
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This is one of the most extreme rock crawling trails out there. Definately a favorite! Located in southern New Mexico this trail features one huge waterfall at the beginning and then some great crawling action with huge boulders and ledges. Our whole group made it through in a few hours with no real carnage. I would rate this trail a 9 or 10 on my extreme list. This one kept a smile on my face the entire time. And you know I'm coming back next year!

WarPath - NM - My Awesome Moon Buggy!

The new 6:1 Atlas II worked out very well on this trail. I did have some ECU wiring issues off and on during the week but nothing major. The buggy was small enough to fit through most of the obstacles of this trail with ease. Wheel base was not an issue on this trail.

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Jack and Shawn unloading Lining up at the start Jack's buggy behind Greg's LS1 single seater My Awesome Moon Buggy! Greg's LS1 powered single seat buggy Steve's buggy Greg's Chevy LUV Steve Getin Tippy Steve on his side Captain went everywhere Jack crawling

WarPath New Mexico Extreme Rock Crawling Part 1
Size: 8 min
Part 1 shows the first 2 obstacles on this trail. A great little crawling obstacle with 2 ledges then comes the huge waterfall. Captain Crunch was the only one who made this waterfall unassisted. I may try it next year when I have a little more guts :)

WarPath New Mexico Extreme Rock Crawling Part 2
Size: 10 min
Part 2 starts out showing me on the waterfall. I split the screen and showed you picture in picture of what I'm seeing as what the buggy looked like. Also features more rock crawling action and Steve's buggy on it's side. More great crawling is found after the first waterfall.

WarPath New Mexico Extreme Rock Crawling Part 3
Size: 9 min
Last part of the series shows video from inside the buggy looking forward. This gives you a great idea what I'm seeing as I crawl over some of the obstacles. Jack's buggy is right in front of me during most of this video. You can see how wide he is and how well he crawls.

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