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Trail Runs - Patzcuaro's Revenge - NM
Tuesday, February 19, 2008
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PATZCUARO’S REVENGE is a favorite and the trail of the finals for the 1998 BFG Rock Crawling Championship. The trail begins next to Rocotillo Rapids and winds up in a neighboring arroyo at the loop road around the canyons. Although most participants fear (and break on) the first two waterfalls, there are several more challenging ledges, boulders, and waterfalls upstream. The third waterfall—Nemesis Two—has a winch point if necessary. Please be careful and ask for a line if you need one. We want you to return next year! - LCFWDC

Patzcuaro's Revenge - NM - Authority Action!

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Shawn crawling Nemesis II Authority Action! Jack climbing one of the huge waterfalls

Patzcuaro's Revenge New Mexico Extreme Rock Crawling Part 1
Size: 4 min
First obstacle on Patzcuaro's Revenge in New Mexico is a blast. Watch 4 buggies do it using 4 different lines.

Patzcuaro's Revenge New Mexico Extreme Rock Crawling Part 2
Size: 2 min
Part two. Two huge waterfalls. Watch Second half of the trail. Captain's buggy climbs both waterfalls unassisted.

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