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Trail Runs - Farmington NM - Gladiator, Intimidator, Waterfall Trail
Monday, April 28, 2008
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We had a blast at Farmington! It was beautiful weather 70's the entire time. There are over 70 named trails near the Brown Springs BLM area. Each year I only get a chance to do a handful. This round we did the Waterfall Trail, Gladiator, Intimidator and probably a few more that I forget :) Unlimited amount of amazing wheeling! Enjoy the pics. Video will be posted in a few days.

Farmington NM - Gladiator, Intimidator, Waterfall Trail - Shawn's beast on Waterfall Trail

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Captain on the entrance to the Waterfall trail Captain at the top Jack on the right line Jack on the Waterfall Trail W on Waterfall Trail NM W on his side Shawn's beast on Waterfall Trail W on the edge W. on Gladiator W on Gladiator In Memory

Waterfall Trail - Farmington NM
Size: 6 min
This is just one of more than 70 named trails in Farmington New Mexico. Plenty of lines to choose from.

Gladiator Trail - Farmington New Mexico
Size: 5 min
Extreme rock crawling in Farmington New Mexico. Gladiator is a short trail with off camber sections and big ledges! If you are not careful you could end up at the bottom of the river bed below. All our guys made it up with no problems. Captain decided to take a new line up to the top.

Intimidator Trail Extreme Rock Crawling
Size: 3 min
Farmington New Mexico Intimidator trail is a blast!

Farmington Extreme Rock Crawling Playground
Size: 7 min
The playground offers lots of steep climbs and fun for just about any vehicle.

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