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2-15-2002 Putting together my winch, air locker, lift
2-20-2002 Left Hand Canyon with Allison
2-23-2002 Crown Point - Snow Bashing
3-1-2002 Stuck in a drift at home
3-9-2002 Bunce School Road and AllensPark
4-6-2002 Left Hand Canyon
4-20-2002 Left Hand Canyon with Jay
5-26-2002 Sand Dunes - Rock Springs, Wyoming
6-22-2002 Kelly Flats and Seven MileVideo
7-15-2002 Moody Hill and Crystal MountainVideo
8-21-2002 Holy Cross Trail
9-7-2002 Carnage Canyon/Left Hand CanyonVideo
9-14-2002 Left Hand Canyon
10-1-2002 Trailmaster 6" Lift
10-19-2002 Jenny Creek
11-9-2002 Carnage Canyon - Monster JeepVideo
11-23-2002 Moody Hill/Crystal MountainVideo
12-18-2002 SevenMile RoadVideo
2-14-2003 F350 RecoveryVideo
2-24-2003 New Rear Bumper and Sliders
3-10-2003 New Clutch
3-14-2003 MoabVideo
4-25-2003 Nuggett Hill - Slaughterhouse Gulch
6-7-2003 Carnage Canyon - David's new ToyVideo
7-18-2003 Holy Cross City TrailVideo


My dream trail rig is the new Hummer H2 with the new Rancho suspension lift.  Shown here are 37" Goodyear MTR's and 4" lift.  Although it is not a rock crawler this monster would do fine on just about everything and it would fit my whole family!

I've got $70,000 in my piggy bank right?

I'll be keeping my eye on this beast which is still being developed. It's Toyota new FJ Cuiser.
more photos here.

- spot lights integrated into side mirrors
- integrated GPS in dash
- Supercharged 3.4-liter/250-horsepower V-6
- dual winches - front and rear
- to be released as 2006 model

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Shawn Jackson