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Carnage Canyon
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Truck Modifications - March 1, 2005

  • 4 shock rear

I finally got around to my dual shock idea for the rear of my FJ80. I had the 14" Bilsteins but I found my self bottomming out frequently and my whole truck swayed pretty easily on/off road so I decided to add some more shocks to the rear. The Bilsteins are nice but for an offroad shock they just couldn't support my 6,000lb truck very well. Maybe for a buggy but not my beast!

Finding a spot to mount the extra shocks was difficult but I finally decided on a spot that I felt would work out the best. After taking measurments I went down to Advance Auto and picked up some $18 Monroe LT shocks to specification.

I decided to just drill a hole through my lower control arms for the lower mount. I went down to Colorado Iron & Metal in Ft. Collins and picked up some pipe that fit my shock bolts snuggly. I slid this pipe into the holes and welded them into place for added support for the mounting bolts. If you look carefully at the 2nd photo you will see the welding I did at the arm. Also you will notice my cheap rusty "angle iron" welded to my lower control arm :) I did this a long time ago to provide some more protection and support to my lower arms. And it provides a great slider for rocks!

For the upper mounts I decided to use the existing bolt that held in my existing shock hoops. I just made a "C" type bracket and bolted everything up at top. You can see the bracket better in the last photo above.

So far this has made a BIG difference in my sway on road. And I don't bottom out at all. The mounts held up after a hard run at carnage so I think I done good :)

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