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Trail Runs - Carnage with new Buggy!
Saturday, November 25, 2006
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Jay and I decided to take the new buggy out for it's first test. All I can say is amazing! The new buggy didn't even have to open it's eyes at carnage today....walked everything I could throw at it. Didn't have any CO2 to run the lockers (my bad) but didn't need them. This thing walked the center line at the waterfall open front and rear with no problems. I kept shakin my head with a big smile on my face the whole day. Obstacle after obstacle this thing didn't even spin a tire or hesitate. Trail rigs are nice but if you haven't driven a buggy you need to! Wow.

Carnage with new Buggy! - Flexing it up

Most trail rigs that can do this one always hit their tops along the tree. You can see all the bark that is removed. The buggy had about 3 more feet before it would even some close to the tree. Maybe we should make this a buggy obstacle only...save that poor tree :)

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Super Flex Leaving At Carnage Entrance Jay and the buggy Staying Level Getting flexy Flexing it up Other side Sqeeze Sexy Rear End


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