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Truck Modifications - Summer 2004

  • Exhaust Modifications

After the 3" body lift there was now plenty of room to push up the entire exhaust system. I went down to Fort Collins Muffler to get the job done. They did an excellent job! The main goal was to re-route my pipes above the body mount instead of below it so I could get a straight shot to the frame for my passenger side sliders.

Attaching the passenger side slider on an FJ80 is usually a tough job. Most people make all sorts of crazy bends just to get around the exhaust pipes and cats. As you can see with the 3" body puck in place I had just enough room to route the pipes above the body mount instead of both going way down below it. These modifications moved up my entire exhaust system 3". To this date I have not "majorly" hit :) any of the exhaust components. When I do teeter off big boulders now it's touching the frame and sliders now like it should be!

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