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Carnage New Years Eve
Carnage New Years Eve -

Kelly Flats/Bald Mtn
Kelly Flats/Bald Mtn -

Poison Spider
Poison Spider - Poison Spider 1 2.7MB

Carnage with new Buggy! - Flexing it up
Carnage with new Buggy! - Flexing it up
Most trail rigs that can do this one always hit their tops along the tree. You can see all the bark that is removed. The buggy had about 3 more feet before it would even some close to the tree. Maybe we should make this a buggy obstacle only...save that poor tree :)

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2/24/2008 - New Buggy Website Launched!
click here to see my new moon buggy website

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Billings Canyon
Billings Canyon -

Steel Bender
Steel Bender -

Billings Canyon
Billings Canyon -

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