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Billings Canyon
Billings Canyon -

Muddy Creek WY
Muddy Creek WY - Rescue Team

Moody/Crystal Mtn
Moody/Crystal Mtn - Crystal Mountain 12.9MB

Carnage with new Buggy! - Super Flex
Carnage with new Buggy! - Super Flex
This buggy can do some amazing things. One of which is get to about a 75+ degree angle! I should have tried to go even higher on this rock but there was a poor branch that I was stomping on. Just amazing! I have no doubt that this thing could do close to 80-85 before it wanted to tip. :)


2/24/2008 - New Buggy Website Launched!
click here to see my new moon buggy website

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Carnage New Years Eve
Carnage New Years Eve -

Red Cone
Red Cone -

21 Road
21 Road -

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