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Trail Runs - 3-Link Completed Finally!
Wednesday, March 15, 2006
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What a project! I finally got around to seeing how it does on the RTI ramp. I couldn't believe when I saw my front unload before my rear. This is exactly what I was dreaming of. I'm very excited! For the complete build up pics please visit the Mods section here.

3-Link Completed Finally! - Much Better Clearance

Here's a great shot of how much more clearance I have now under the axles. With the stock radius arms I was getting hung up on almost everything. Now I can't wait to do some of the more challenging stuff.

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Fusable Link Much Better Clearance 3-Link with Tires On Jason with his new LEDs Front Unloading Way Before the Rear Another Shot of the Front Flex Back End Now Stiffer Than Front Bring it On!! Another Shot of the RTI maxed out Nice At the Top Finally! Up Close Shot of the Front Jason and Shawn Thinking Their Cool Side Shot Lower Arm Stuffed Other Side 3-Link Front


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