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Trail Runs - Flowers/Crown Point
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Flowers/Crown Point - Shawn stuck real good

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Shawn stuck real good
This was the big monster drift that we had to winch through. The snow was probably a near 4-5 feet at the high point.

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Mark bustin it up Shawn stuck real good

Flowers/Crown Point - Crown Point 1 Crown Point 1
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The further we went the more snow we ran into. Some of these drifts were massive. Atleast the first few we were able to bust through no problem. 3 minutes.

Flowers/Crown Point - Shawn winching on top of a 4 foot drift Shawn winching on top of a 4 foot drift
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We hit a massive drift and decided to see if I could winch over it. Under my truck there was atleast 2-3 more snow!! It was fun to see the entire truck ride on top of this drift while I winched. 2 years ago I ran the same trail with my Tacoma truck and we ran into the same drift, same place. 2:21 minutes.

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