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Trail Runs - Moody/Crystal Mtn
Thursday, December 23, 2004
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Zach and Mark Miner joined me on a fun snow run up Moody and Crystl Mtn today. Everyone had a great time. We hit some serious ice at the entrance of Moody so we had to put the chains on. There was around 6-12" of snow in some spots of the trail.

Moody/Crystal Mtn - Top of Crystal Mtn

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Mark and his nice TJ Adjusting those chains Zach poses next to the Zach climbing out of the Mine area on Moody Zach climbing out of the Mine area on Moody Mark getting lined up to attempt the obstacle Zach trying out the lower portion Shawn hung up again Playground on Crystal Shawn gettin hung up on his diff Top of Crystal Mtn

Moody/Crystal Mtn - Shawn on Moody Shawn on Moody
Size: 5.3MB

Moody/Crystal Mtn - Zach on Moody Hill Zach on Moody Hill
Size: 4.8MB

Moody/Crystal Mtn - Mark on Moody Hill Mark on Moody Hill
Size: 3.3MB

Moody/Crystal Mtn - Crystal Mountain Crystal Mountain
Size: 12.9MB

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