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Truck Modifications - December 20, 2004

  • True Design Wheels - 17x9, 2" backspace, Gun Metal Glossy

With all this lift I was in need to go wider. I already have some 1.5" spacers but my Xtreme Alloys are a full 5" backspacing. To go wider I decided to get some custom wheels with less of a backspace. I talked with Ben over at Slee Offroad and he recommended True Design Wheel out of Denver. I visited Jim over at True Design and decided to order some of his steel 17x9 wheels with a custom 2" backspacing. I was very impressed with these guys and the wheels turned out great! I wanted to be a little different so I went with the gun metal glossy look.

After mounting these puppies I am now a full 6" wider. You can see how far these things stick out prividing me more stability. Next on my list are 40" MTR's!!! :)

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