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Carnage Canyon
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Truck Modifications - May 2006

Marks4WD is the only vendor currently that makes a crawler box for the FJ80. This box is a 3.05:1 add-on box. This will essentially triple my current crawl ratio. With 40" tires and 5.29 gearing in my diff's my stock ratios just didn't give me enough low end muscle I needed to take on the insane obstacles. Hopefully with his new box I will have even more control crawling with less breakage.

May 8 - Box arrives!!

I placed my order with Advance Adapters sometime in April and the shipment was here earlier than I expected. Since the box is shipping from Australia the normal shipment time is 6-8 weeks. Mine took less than 4 weeks :)

I'm pretty excited about finally having a crawler for my 80. Check back soon to see my progress pics.

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